About Us


Welcome to Homestead

Your local neighbourhood restaurant, bar, store and cafe at the heart of London city island.

    We are local, giving and a part of the community.

    At Homestead we will be a welcoming hub for the local Island community.

    We are an all-day dining destination created by Tristram Hillier and Scott Ward; three restaurant industry friends passionate about providing a simple route for small artisanal suppliers for small artisanal suppliers to share their incredible produce. Homestead is a place to cometogether, enjoy a drink orsimple yet luxurious food, all sourced ethically from our very special British farmers andproducers.

    Carefully selected wines, craft beers and a daily changing deli counter brimming with quality meats, homemade pasta and a tempting selection of cheese and fish, come to you directly from high welfare farms and day boat fisherman.

    Stay with us to eat, take something delicious home, and for our island residents we can arrange for home delivery.